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  • iReport: mobile attendance/Sales Reporting

  • useful for playing it safe & keeping parents up to date

  • Mobile app based HR/Sales employee attendance tracking

  • for your personal body gaurds, drivers, secretaries, staff, cook

  • Corporate ask us for customization of this app with your name

     (works without internet, works even when no GPS*)

This is a very useful app for Sales/HR professionals where constant reporting to boss is not appreciated but is actually required. iReport App helps you mark attendance for your employees and is more useful when employees are spread in the field.

  Free Version: Available on Play Store and iPhone App Store

iReport App helps you mark attendance for your employees and is more useful when employees are spread in the field. While reporting, it captures the GPS location of the employee and sends to the "mobile" in the form of SMS, along with time, name and office to the number mentioned in "Report Code". SAP ID is any 8 digit id which you may like to assign to the employee.

Besides IN & OUT it has a LOG button, which can be used to log a presence of an employee at client location, delivery site, or with a customer, and employee can silently log the client's office name

Make it Pro with in-App Purchases

The *PRO version, captures the exact cellsite location on which employee's mobile network is hooked, thereby reducing the chance of switching off GPS or spoofing software to mislead. Also sales employees can log customer address, emailid and phone numbers for backend team

if "collect data" is enabled, entire data can also be compiled, on your behalf, including attendance, customer visit records, in database and will help you check difference in cellSite location and GPS locations, charging a very nominal amount.

For Parents by Children in general/staying PG/Hostel

Those who feel safe to keep parents, wardens, caretakers updated on when you have reached school/college/office/friends place, iReport takes care of it. you can easily figure out the usage from above and use the paid version to share visited friendly place's address, contact number in addition to your actual GPS as well as cell site location. You will be twice the safe if people around you know that your folks know precisely where you are...

Instructions to use effectively

Disclaimer: App sends no data out, unless user volunteers to submit it by pressing the button, which also is deemed as a consent of the user in allowing App to send the location details. We value your privacy, and any data collected by us is purely for analysis will only be used in cases where your safety may be at stake.

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